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Being represented by a professional who has integrity and extensive real estate knowledge, protects you and your family. I love to help and guide my clients through the process of buying or selling real estate.

Tell me what you need. I will get it done!

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I have known, watched and worked with Delila for many years. I have known many Realtors throughout the years, however I have not met one as Committed, Trustworthy, Ethical, Organized or as Competent as Delila. I have also purchased a home with the direction and leadership of Delila. She was always  on top of each step and kept me well informed of what was happening through the escrow process. I have seen Delila take some of the most difficult situations in the home buying, selling and refinancing arena and still come out shinning on top with a Win-Win for everyone involved. Delila is a first class Winner who will go the extra mile to ensure the client is confident and comfortable in their new home. Thank you Delila for finding my Castle – my Home. 

Peg S., Buyer Microsoft, Office Manager